Kathy Crow, President of the Board of Trustees (2020–2022)

The 2020-2021 school year was the first of my two-year tenure as President of the Board of Trustees. It is a tremendous honor for me to serve the St. Mark’s community. I am grateful for the opportunity to work closely with so many outstanding people, who are deeply dedicated to the future of our great School.

We emerge in a position of strength after one of the most challenging periods in the 115-year history of St. Mark’s. Students, faculty, administrators, parents, and alumni of the St. Mark’s community singularly rallied around our school and one another amidst numerous formidable obstacles and trials. Thanks to the leadership and resolve of David Dini and his team, St. Mark’s prioritized the need for safe, in-person learning despite overwhelming national trends to pivot to a virtual experience. 

Relationships have always defined my connection to St. Mark’s. The bonds formed between students, faculty, families, and volunteers are lifelong and what I will always treasure most about my affiliation with the school. I am proud of the courage and devotion of so many members of the community that preserved and strengthened our special culture through adversity. 

Planning continues on the replacement of the lost Hicks Athletic Center and the Hill Tennis Center. We would have never wished for the setbacks brought on by the tornado, but it has allowed us to think strategically about the campus master plan and how to maximize the northern side of our grounds. Progress on our strategic plan, Goals for St. Mark's IV, continued despite the setbacks, with a significant focus on enhancing access and affordability for future students. Additionally, a new daily schedule was successfully implemented at the start of the 2020-2021 school year that afforded us key moments of connection amidst the pandemic. 

Serving as President of the Board of Trustees is an incredible honor, and it has only deepened my appreciation for St. Mark’s and the men and women who work tirelessly to make it an incredibly special place. The future of our School is bright in the capable and caring hands of David Dini and his Leadership team. I am inspired by our Marksmen and believe strongly that our mission to shape great men has never been more important. Thank you for all that you do to move St. Mark’s toward further excellence. 
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