Senior Awards Announced

On Thursday, May 25, 2023, 100 young men donned white dinner jackets and took the stage in the Ida M. and Cecil H. Green Commencement Theatre. As St. Mark’s recognized the incredible Marksmen of the Class of 2023, Eugene McDermott Headmaster David W. Dini presented the three major School prizes. A video of the presentation can be found below, and click here to see all of the videos from St. Mark's year-end traditions.
The Headmaster’s Cup is awarded by the Headmaster with the advice of the faculty to the senior who best exemplifies the traits that St. Mark’s seeks to foster in its students: the quest for excellence, intellectual curiosity and commitment, service to the School and community, and concern for others.
A dedicated and hardworking student, gifted artist, talented writer, and selfless community servant, this Marksman understands responsibility and consistently leads with heart. Empathetic, compassionate, and always mindful of others, he takes on challenges and seizes opportunities at every turn. Quite simply, he is a force of nature. 
While seemingly poised and confident in any setting, he’s not afraid to be vulnerable and is constantly challenging himself to grow and improve. Integrity, positivity, determination, grace — all words that accurately describe this Marksman. In and out of the classroom, he’s a difference maker, approaching daily interactions with Lower and Middle School boys with the same zest, energy, and genuine enthusiasm that he shares with his closest friends. 
You’d be hard pressed to find anyone with deeper and more personal connections with students all over this campus. Student Council, Inclusion and Diversity Leadership Council, McDonald’s Week, DADYO, TELOS, Community Service Board and so much more, this Marksman is seemingly everywhere all at once.
Leading his classmates, and in fact, all of us, with thoughtfulness, care, and sincere gratitude. He has demonstrated a unique ability to pull our whole community together with his camera, his voice and, most importantly, his example. It is my great pleasure to present the 2023 Headmaster’s Cup to Salmaan Hussain.
The School Flag is awarded by the faculty and presented by the Head of Upper School to a senior for loyalty, dedication and distinguished service to the School.
This Marksman is a student of extraordinary talent and humility. A teacher recently described him as not just a “scholar and athlete, but a humanitarian.” This young man immerses himself fully in every endeavor, always eager to celebrate and support those around him. Another teacher said, “He’s courageous enough to answer questions in the classroom when he’s not fully confident in the answer. That takes leadership.” 
This young man is an exemplar of integrity, kindness, and compassion. In and out of the classroom, he works hard and faces challenges head-on. A model citizen in every respect, he consistently demonstrates dedication, commitment, and loyalty, always maintaining the highest standards for himself, and others. 
This Marksman has set a standard of excellence across our community that is second to none. He leaves a wonderful legacy that will undoubtedly inspire all who follow in his footsteps. Please join me in recognizing this year’s recipient of the School Flag, Aadi Khasgiwala.
The J.B.H. Henderson Citizenship Cup is awarded by the faculty and presented by the Head of Upper School to the senior who has genuine concern for others and is dedicated to the ideals of honor and justice.
One teacher said of this Marksman, “He brightens every corner of campus, and illuminates all that is beautiful.” Indeed, he does. When you think about passion, enthusiasm, selfless leadership, and a genuine commitment to the well-being of others. This young man immediately comes to mind. 
Never one to seek recognition, you will often see this Marksman picking up trash and putting away chairs and tables following a game or any other campus event. From assemblies and Chapel talks. to championing school spirit at every turn, this Marksman exemplified kindness and inspires all who know him. He brings people together, always mindful of how to make a positive difference and bring out the best in others... on and off campus. 
Multi-sport athlete, Elevated Cooking Club, Super Fan Man, ETHOS and true exemplar of Lion Pride. A scholar-athlete who is dedicated to excellence, this young man exudes goodness wherever he goes and faithfully embodies the values of courage and honor, day in and day out. It is a genuine pleasure to present the J. B. H. Henderson Citizenship Cup to George Genender.

Additionally, several students received Faculty Special Awards for their outstanding contributions during their Upper School careers at the Upper School Final Assembly. John Ashton, interim head of Upper School, announced the following 2023 recipients:
For his passionate curiosity, his unwavering care for others, and his contributions to the vibrancy in the classroom; for his dedication to the band program and his unique talents with the bagpipes, and for his commitment to what is just and fair, the faculty presents a special award to Arjun Badi.
For his commitment to hard work, consistency and leadership; for his dedication to the publications and his talent as a graphic artist, for his steadfast curiosity and his contributions in the classroom and athletics. The faculty presents a special award to Morgan Chow.
For his kindness, generosity of spirit and tenacious resiliency; for his commitment to others and the initiative he takes to reach out to people to provide support; for his keen and talented perspective that he shows through the lens of a camera, the faculty presents a special award to Charlie Estess.
For his commitment to integrity, courage and honor; for the daily example he sets for younger Marksmen about being helpful and considerate of your peers, for his unwavering curiosity and sincerity in pursuit of truth and ideas, the faculty presents a special award to Will Grable.
For his contributions in the classroom, on the playing fields, and in the orchestra, for his infectious good nature and positivity, for his commitment to creating an environment on campus that nurtures a sense of belonging, and for his commitment in word and deed to strengthening relationships on campus each and every day, the faculty presents a special award to Silas Hosler.
For his commitment to strengthening community through his leadership of Telos, through his contributions to the School in the classroom, cross-country course, gymnasium, and track, for the resilience he shows in the face of adversity while remaining committed to the highest values of integrity, empathy, and honor, the faculty presents a special award to Arjun Khatti.
For his exemplary citizenship in the classroom and across campus, for his dedicated leadership of the Telos program, for his artistic contributions to the community and, above all, for his kindness and selfless consideration of others, the faculty presents a special award to Winston Lee.
For his head down, shoulder-to-the-wheel approach to all things, for his unassuming contributions in the classroom, on the playing fields and in the choir loft, for his involvement in all aspects of school life and his care for others in the process, the faculty presents a special award to Stice Neuhoff.
For his commitment to the values St. Mark’s holds dear — courage, honor, integrity, responsibility; and for his contributions to the classroom and playing fields, for his steadfast, yet quiet approach to daily life on campus and for his reminder that “legacy” is about the relationships we form while here, the faculty presents a special award to Luke Noack.
For his daily demonstration of kindness, humility, generosity, and diligence; for his unwavering commitment to doing what is right and providing an example for others; for his strength of character, gift of intellect, habit of resolve, and kindness, the faculty presents a special award to Murphy Paul.
    • Salmaan Hussain ’23

    • Aadi Khasgiwala ’23

    • George Genender ’23

    • Commencement speaker Ali Rowghani ’91

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